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by Z I N V M M

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" land is gone, so am i".

These words can define the feelings that ZINUMM want to express with the music included on this first album. It´s also the title of the last song included in this LP, released this next october the 9th via DARKWOODS RECORDS ( ) and in digital format via BANDCAMP.

Z I N V M M is a not one man project, is an open collective of musicians who cooperate around the idea of making intense and epic music, but this record was built by one person, the one who leads the concepts and ideas behind this project that, in this album, plays black metal musically influenced by the classic bands of the genre (Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone, Ulver…) and by ancient European folk tradition. All songs are sang and written in Irish Gaelic, language that was spoken in Galicia a long, long time ago.

The person behind this project composed, arranged, played, recorded and mixed the whole album. This 1st record includes a tribute Quorthon, a pioneer in this type of music. Z I N V M M recorded a reinterpretation of "A fine day to die", song included in Bathory´s "Blood, fire, death", album that definitively is an influence to Z I N V M M´s concept.

Everything on this record has it sense, everything that sounds here has a reason to sound in the precise moment that it sounds. This record has been in mind of its creator since more than fifteen years ago.

Find your moment in the day to pay to this record the attention that deserves, i´m sure you´ll appreciate it.


released December 1, 2011

All songs written, performed and recorded by Z I N V M M, except track 4 (originally "A fine day to die") written by Quorthon. Adapted by Z I N V M M.

Recorded at LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR Labs.
November 2011. Granada, Spain.

Cover photo by Jose Gallardo ( )